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Who is Senior CompuCare
Senior CompuCare was born with its mission to help seniors in day-to-day computing, seniors taught by seniors and to provide them with computer screen repairs, diagnostic, repair and advocate-type services for those wanting the best buy in purchasing some form of computers, tablets, smartphones and digital devices.


What makes Senior CompuCare unique is our training method – teaching Seniors, veterans, adults, kids, corporate training, retirement homes, technology training , business training and groups what they want to know, on their own computers, in the comfort of their own home, business or group location. We are here to help you in Florida, Texas, Wisconsin, Georgia, Maryland, and other locations.

From Computer Classes, Computer training Online, Computer Classes Online, Computer Tutoring, Computer Repair , Smartphone Training and Online Computer Repair , Computer Basics, MS Office Products, E-mail, Business Report Tools and Internet Fundamentals to IT training in PC Diagnostics and Repair , Security and Digital Photography. Senior CompuCare provides a wide array of services offering a well-rounded, competitive advantage to stand out in the hundreds of resumes that employers weed through daily. Do you have Computer Instruction, Repair or Networking Experience? 

Today Senior CompuCare provides everyone one-on-one training. We now specialize not only in training individuals, but in customized computer training for Veterans , groups, furthering business and corporate computing, electronic devices/gadget needs; and  technology training for kids  ,the novice, advanced and expert computer user.

Computer Training Is Essential

Oftentimes – indeed, more often than not – a person never fully understands what capabilities he or she has in regard to his or her personal computer or laptop. Check out this video on why computer training is important. A person purchases a piece of equipment and ends up using some but not all of a given unit’s functions. It is rather like a person’s use of his or her brain, one might imagine. A person uses only a small fraction of his or her brain on a day-to-day basis. In the same way, a person usually ends up using only a small portion of his or her computer’s functions on a regular basis. One reason that most people do not use their computers to their fullest potential is the fact that most people lack computer training. Because most people lack computer training, they simply do not understand or appreciate all of the functions that are available in their computer units.

Our Mission Statement

Senior CompuCare is dedicated to providing quality computer training for seniors, taught by seniors, computer classes, Online classes, Veteran computer training, Businesses, Groups, and Kids interested in furthering their knowledge of computing whether day-to-day or in a corporate environment. We also provide Computer Support, Diagnostic and Repair Services. Senior CompuCare believes a reputation of honesty, reliability and quality service affordable to the community is the recipe for success. We are fully committed to provide you a better understanding of computer learning, computer learning for veterans and the basics of computers; how to use them on a day-to-day basis; obtaining the best buy on purchasing a computer, how to use the Internet, Smartphones, tablets, laptops , E-mail, find health related information,  fixing my computer  or just have fun playing games. Senior CompuCare allows you an enjoyable relaxed learning experience while you learn what YOU want to know, on YOUR computer, in the comfort of your own home or in a group setting.
What We Do
We take care of all your computer needs.
Computer hardware and networks can be complicated when fixing, intergrating new things or buying a new system, This is where Senior CompuCare steps in. Our Training / Tech Experts can advise you on exactly what you need, we can resolve your technical problems or fix and upgrade older systems.

Since 2010 we have been there training many Seniors, Veterans, Senior Living Facilities, Charter Schools, Businesses, Youth and Home users. Give us a call today and we will provide honest, estimate at  an affordable price.
Technical Training and Repair specialists here to help you with any computer needs.
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Computer Training, Computer Repair, Online Computer Training